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5 Feb 2010


Salam and Welcome to our new blog.

Ema Mutaqaddim Enterprise was established in 2008. Ema Mutaqaddim provides the best fashion apparels for adults; male and females intended to make you look gorgeous, beautiful, handsome, smart, confidence and perfect everyday.

Scroll down for the fashions and accessories that you like!

All fashions, wears and accessories from Ema Mutaqaddim Ent Boutique are brand new.

In this blog, we display items from Ema Mutaqaddim Ent Boutique as well as 'on behalf' items that is Items that are sold on behalf (use items).

We also provide deliveries for your own convenient with the conditions items must be bought once delivered. Delivery order costs:

1- Brunei Muara District - $1.00 (Every Thursday night)
2- Tutong District - $2.00 (Every Sunday)
3. Belait District - $3.00 (Every Sunday)

We also accept payment during pay day even if you want to take the item first, with the terms and conditions:
1- Deposit minimum of $10.00
2- Original IC and Photocopy Ic.

Any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Sales Manager 8627290 (Bdit) or 8675125.

Enjoy your cruse and buy more to get more discounts!!!